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Program Update

Hello Everyone!


Welcome back to term 2!! It is so nice to see everyone after the holidays with children looking ready and

excited for the second term of this year.  It has now been almost three year since I joined OSHClub and

started working at Greythorn Primary School, I would just like to say how wonderful the time has been and

am very grateful for how comfortable you have made me feel in the schooling community. Teachers, parents

and children all share wonderful relationship with myself and Oshclub staff and I cannot thank everyone

enough for all this support.


We are very busy this week getting on with our children’s surveys and putting together an accessible cabinet

for children’s portfolios in the OSHClub room. These portfolios will eventually contain copies of learning stories

photos of children at the program and art work/ work examples they are doing in the program.  It will be a

place where the kids can place their work and look at it with you upon pick up/drop. If you have any ideas of

 what you would like to see in these portfolios please let me know as I will be happy incorporate these into the program. 

Some of our older children will be collated the results of the survey this week, stay tuned to see what the

children have requested in OSHClub. 


On a Happy note we have one more addition to our Greythorn Oshclub team and his name is, “Lukas Barbuto”

. He is studying towards Youth worker and is having fantastic time with the children and has already built

 strong relationships with them over the holidays when he was here for Holiday program. Next week Chris

is going away for his one month placement and children will definitely miss his yummy cooking club.


This term we have Footy as our active sports and which will run every Thursday for six weeks starting form 4th May, so please make bookings accordingly and let your child enjoy




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Breakfast Club

Portfolio Decoration

All about me folios  

Portfolio Decoration

Alien Mashed potatoes  


Portfolio Decoration

Gorgeous galaxy





Aliens and Spaceships   

Squishy space aliens  

Astronaut Craft  

Spaceship Challenge

Saturn Ring Toss






OSHC program phone: 0411392707
OSHClub Head Office: 03 85649000

All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is Free!! Please create an account online at www.oshclub.com.au all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator direct at the program.


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