Student Leaders

Student leadership is an important aspect of the level 6 curriculum. As role models, our student leaders show care and courtesy, display empathy towards others and act responsibly. The student leaders are supported in their role by their teachers and have the school values of pride, optimism, respect and integrity at the forefront of all their actions and decisions.Congratulations to all students who have taken on leadership roles for 2018. 

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Introducing our 2018 student leaders:

School Captains

Sienna M & Jack F

Music Leaders

Selina C & Byron Z

Visual Arts Leaders

Natalie T & Arthur L

Library Leaders

Shreya K & Olivia D

French Leaders

Charlie R & Timothy S

Social Service Leaders

Gabrielle G & Akio W

Environment Leaders

Nikita P & Max B

Wellbeing Leaders

Lauren B & Ila S

Science Leaders

Lily B & David T

EAL Leader

Apple Q


House captains are sport leaders who assist with sport days, set up equipment and plan sport events.  They also help build positive team spirit and promote sportsmanship. We have two house captains and two vice captains for each house.

Introducing our 2018 house captains:

Allen Captains

Tammy W & Cooper G

Allen Vice Captains

Chloe C & Blake K

Wright Captains

Zara P & Cooper R

Wright Vice Captains

Eve S & Luca A

Woods Captains

Emily W & James K

Woods Vice Captains

Afrina F & Hugh W

Gardiner Captains

Charlotte R & Archer N

Gardiner Vice Captains

Isabella A & Matt D


Junior School Council 

Greythorn Primary has a vibrant and enthusiastic Junior School Council made up of 25 elected representatives - one from each foundation to level 6 class. JSC gives students the chance to meet and discuss things they may like to do to help improve the school. They can bring back any issues or ideas from other students in their class to raise in the meetings. JSC also organises fun events for the school such as dress up days and raises money for charities in need. The 2018 JSC reps will be elected in term 1 in each class. We can’t wait for an exciting year ahead.