There are new notices on Compass and it is important that you log in with the details that you have been provided and action these notices where required.

There are some reminder notes below on how to add a parent approval for absences.

Parent approved absence
If your child will not be at school for part or a whole day you are able to approve the absence without having to call the school. This can be done the morning the students will not be at school or if it is a planned event can be done before the day. To add a parent approved absence follow the below steps.

On the home page place your mouse over + Add Attendance Note/Approval (Approved Absence/Late) and then fill in the details.
Parent approval required alert (if the student was not at school).
If your child was marked as not being present or late to school for previous days, you will see an alert under “My Alerts”.
To approve these absences or lateness click “Click here for more information”.

You will be taken to the unapproved absence page. Here you can select the classes your student was not marked “not present” and provide a parent approval for the student not being at school.
Enter the reason for the absence and any details or comments required. Click Save.

There will be periodic requests sent home to follow up on explained absences if there are unapproved absences showing on Compass. Please take the time to approve any absences as they arise. If you have any queries regarding an absence, please contact the office.

Login Details

Please contact the office if you require a new password or assistance with your login details.


Excursions & Incursions (“Events”)

When your child’s class has an excursion or incursion, you will be notified via email of this event occurring. If your child has an excursion that has consent or payment outstanding you will receive an event alert such as the one shown below.


To login

Click on the Compass icon on the homepage and use your username and password to login to the Compass portal.

Please contact the front office if you do not have these details.

Note: If you have never logged in before it will ask you to confirm that your contact details are correct, then also change your password.

Online Payments

If there is an event that requires payment, these payments can now be made through Compass. On the home screen, if a payment is required there will be a link titled “Event Consent/Payment Required” at the top of the “My News” section.

Clicking on the red “Process Now (Online)” button will allow you to approve the excursion/incursion (should you wish to use online consent) and make the payment.

If you decide NOT to use online consent, you will need to print and sign the permission form and return this form to your child’s classroom teacher. If you wish to write a hand-written approval and pay in person, you can print out the relevant form.

Greythorn Primary School is required under DET policy to obtain valid consent from parents for a range of activities we undertake with students (e.g. excursions). Our school uses online services, such as Compass, to provide an easy way for parents to provide, and the school to obtain, consent for these activities through the use of an electronic signature, for example a ‘tick box’.  

Where an electronic signature is used through an online service to give parental consent, parents will represent that their consent is valid. We are aware that children sometimes access their parents’ personal devices. Please appreciate that for us to satisfy our legal obligations, we will rely upon an electronic signature as providing valid parental consent.