Dough Raiser Program

Bakers Delight Balwyn

377 Whitehorse Road

Balwyn Vic 3103

Since 2015, Greythorn Primary School has participated in the Dough Raiser Program at Bakers Delight Balwyn.

How the Dough Raiser Program works

  1. Each time a family makes a purchase of any Bakers Delight product with Bakers Delight Balwyn, simply tell the bakery staff AT THE START OF THE TRANSACTION that they are from Greythorn Primary so that the sale can be recorded electronically. 
  2. The sales attributed to our school are totalled at the end of each year and 5% is then given to the school via cheque or electronic payment.

To help kick things off Bakers Delight Balwyn have very generously supplied for Term 2 a voucher for each year 1 and 2 family which has been sent home already.

This is a great fundraising opportunity for Greythorn Primary and we appreciate the support of our local school community by Bakers Delight Balwyn.