Social Service

Greythorn Primary School is very excited to announce that it has become a supporter of an organisation known as “Boots for All”.


Based in Melbourne, Boots for All seeks to break down barriers to sport participation and strengthen communities by collecting and distributing quality, new and near-new sports equipment to vulnerable Australians.


So how can you help ……


Shortly, a Boots for All box will be located near the office.  Please donate any sports equipment and clothing that you may have that is in good, reusable condition.   Specific donation items include:

  • football boots (all codes)
  • basketball shoes
  • sneakers/running shoes
  • sports balls
  • sports bags
  • cricket bats, pads, gloves, helmets
  • softball & baseball bats & gloves
  • shin guards
  • team uniforms
  • active wear
  • general sportswear
  • general fitness equipment

Once our box is full, we contact Boots for All who collect the items.  They are then sorted and sent to community groups, indigenous communities and in need teams and organisations.  Some items may also be sold by Boots for All in their shop.

How great will it be that all that sports equipment and clothing that you have at home that you no longer use or doesn’t fit can now be donated and may allow someone less fortunate to play in a sports team for the first time in their life?

We thank the Greythorn community for their support in this initiative.

Cleo and Will

Social Service Captains