Principal's News - 6 September 2023


Dear Parents,

Science Week

The students and teachers celebrated Science Week last Thursday with everyone participating in a variety of activities during the day. The students spent time in their multi-age groups designing and creating paper aeroplanes for the paper plane challenge. They also attended an incursion during the morning with the presenter carrying out a range of dramatic experiments involving sound, gas, light and flames and a range of science equipment. The paper plane challenge was held in the stadium after recess with Max S (606) being the overall winner, with his plane travelling the furthest distance of all the students in the final.   

PFA Father’s Day Stall

The students were all very excited last Friday when visiting the Hall to purchase items for Father’s Day. There was once again a huge array of items on offer, and they all went away very happy with their selected gifts for dad. I’m sure all the dads were very pleased to receive their chosen gifts on their special day last Sunday. The very successful day raised over $3000 for the school, which was an outstanding result. Thank you to all members of the PFA for their tireless work to organise so many amazing gifts and then coordinate and manage the sales last Friday. A big thank you in particular to Dani Herlihy, Nikki Wheeler and Sally Kane for their hard work to prepare everything prior to the day. Thank you also to the many parent volunteers listed below who assisted on the day.

  • Gary Hughes
  • Charlotte Herlihy
  • Anna Lou
  • Cindy Ye
  • June Hong
  • Belinda Dimond
  • Eva Laumer
  • Natalie See
  • Camie Chow
  • Charini Gunaratne
  • Kristy Kindl
  • Elmira Parto

District Athletics Carnival

Monday’s dry and warm weather made for perfect conditions for all competitors at this year’s District Athletics Carnival. Our team of 80 students competed in all track and field events that were scheduled throughout the day. They all competed very enthusiastically and achieved some excellent results. Congratulations to all of the students for representing Greythorn with pride and distinction.  At the end of the carnival, Greythorn placed 4th in the ‘big’ school’s category. Congratulations to the following students who have progressed to the Division final that is being held next term on October 11 including Rose C (606), Oscar H (605), Sam N (605), Daniel Y (604), Ryan B (606), Marcus L (512), Jude W (408), James M (314) and Ario B (314). Thank you to Mrs Deckert for her work to organise and coordinate the team prior to the event and on the day, along with holding training sessions to prepare the students for their respective events. Thank you also to Ms Nitsos, Mr Price, Ms Banez and Mr Brunt for attending to assist with the team throughout the day. A large number of parents also attended the carnival, and their support was also greatly appreciated.   

Crazy Hair Day

Congratulations to everyone who came to school with an amazing array of hairstyles yesterday. There were some very creative styles that people had obviously put a lot of work into. The money raised is to be donated to the Cancer Council of Victoria. Thank you to Mrs Kenos and the JSC for organising another fun event and helping to raise money for a very worthy cause.

Aeroschools National Championships

Good luck to the thirteen students from our Aeroschools team who will be travelling to the Gold Coast to compete in the National Championships at the end of next week. We know that they will represent Greythorn with pride and distinction, and we look forward to hearing of their achievements and experiences in this competition. Ms Shipsides and Mrs Joyce are also travelling to the Gold Coast to assist the team on the day, and I thank them for their ongoing commitment and dedication to all members of the team and the competitions that they participate in.

Spring Working Bee

This Saturday’s working bee commences at 9am and concludes at 12:30pm. Any assistance on the day will be greatly appreciated and all attendees receive 1000 House points for respective Houses. Tasks on the day will include planting and general gardening, painting the Friendship Garden rotunda and general maintenance and clean-up.

Student Free Day

A reminder that next Monday, September 11 is a student free day. The teachers will be spending the day completing planning requirements for Term 4.

Footy Day

The students are encouraged to come dressed in their AFL gear, or other sports codes, for our annual Footy Day celebration. This is being held on the last day of term. We will be holding a parade in the stadium at 11:45am and all are welcome to attend. Additionally, the canteen is providing a special footy day menu with all details for this being posted on Compass this week.

Term 4

As Term 3 comes to an end I wish you all a relaxing break from the rigors of daily school life. Term 4 will be another very busy time across the eleven and a half weeks that it extends for. Below is a list of key dates and events scheduled that you may like to mark in your diary.

  • October 6-8 – Father/Daughter Camp
  • October 10 & 11 – The Blue Ogre
  • October 18 – 20 – Year 3 Camp
  • October 24 – French Day
  • November 3 – Colour Run
  • December 5 – Christmas Concert
  • December 7 – Year 2 Sleepover
  • December 14 – Year 6 Graduation Ceremony

End Term 3

A reminder that the students will be dismissed at 2:30 pm on the last day of this term.

Andrew Searle