Principal's Report November 25

Zooper Dooper Fundraising

Thank you to all of the families who generously donated Zooper Doopers to sell as part of this term’s fundraising efforts. Last week’s first sale day raised over $450 which was an outstanding outcome. Sales will take place again this Friday as another warm day is forecast. Thank you to Mrs Kenos for coordinating the sales and also to the students who assisted on the day.

End Term 4

As is the case at the end of each year, the students will be dismissed at 1:30pm on the last day. Friday, December 18 is the last day of Term 4.

Year 6 Graduation

Plans are well underway for this year’s ceremony. Despite the current restrictions not allowing for a normal graduation to take place, the Year 6 teachers and members of the organising committee are working hard to create a memorable farewell for the students and their families. This year’s format will include speeches and the presentation of certificates commencing at 5pm, followed by a meal with individual dinner boxes for each student. The ceremony will be live streamed for families to watch.

Semester 2 Reports

The teachers are currently writing student reports for Semester 2. These reports will return to a familiar format containing progression points and descriptive comments. As you would recall in response to remote learning, the mid-year reports did not contain progression points, instead focussing on remote learning content and student engagement during that phase. The reports will be uploaded and accessible via Compass on Thursday, December 17.

Year 5 Bike Education

For the last four weeks, the Year 5 students have been taking part in their annual bike education program. The students have been participating in a range of onsite activities that test and extend their bike handling skills and road riding knowledge. The program would normally culminate in a ride to Schwerkolt Cottage in Ringwood via the Koonung Trail. Unfortunately though the current pandemic restrictions have not allowed for this. The students however will be riding to Greythorn Park in their class groups over the next two weeks to enjoy riding in a different environment and on a variety of terrain. They will also be participating in some riding activities and games at the park. Thank you to Ms Knell for organising and coordinating this program to ensure that the students were able to participate in it this year.

Year 6 Student Leadership Program

The Year 5 students, in conjunction with their teachers, have been diligently preparing their leadership speeches over the last few weeks. Each year they all have the opportunity to prepare and present their speeches for leadership roles they are keen to undertake in Year 6. The students will be making their speeches this Friday with the announcement of the leadership positions taking place during a special assembly on Monday, December 7.  

Term 1 2021

Term 1 next year commences on Wednesday, January 27. The first two days of the term will be designated curriculum days, with all students commencing on Friday, January 29.

Andrew Searle