Principal's Report June 24

Term 2 

A term like no other for us all. It seems so long ago since Term 1 finished early and we then transitioned into remote learning for Term 2.

I would like to once again sincerely thank you all for your ongoing support with all of the restrictions and changes that have had to be made throughout the term. In particular, the inspiring way in which you assisted your child/children and the teachers for the duration of remote learning and now, with the current restrictions, in regard to onsite access. Your flexibility and support has enabled us as a community to maintain the provision of learning continuity as well as providing a safe and happy environment every day for all in attendance. I certainly hope that you enjoy the break from the rigors of daily school life during the next two weeks.

Mid-year Reports

Due to the remote learning phase this term, student mid-year reports follow a revised format to the standard report. In-line with Department guidelines for these reports, two main sections form the reports. The first section contains information on the curriculum content covered for all of Semester 1. The second section pertains specifically to the remote learning phase, with comments regarding individual performance and development. The reports do not contain the usual progression points. Assessing student growth during the remote learning phase was a difficult task for teachers and subsequently, validating these marks becoming an impossible task. Therefore, progression points will be included in the end of year report, reflecting learning growth for the entire year.

Parent/Teacher Interviews  

These are taking place in Week 3 next term. You will be able to schedule a suitable time on either Thursday, July 30 from 3:45pm – 7:30pm or Friday, July 31 from 8am – 3:30pm. The duration for each interview will be 15 minutes. Unlike last year when 3-way conferences were held, we have resorted back to the traditional parent/teacher format due to this term’s remote learning and the very different year that it has been so far. This will give you every opportunity to discuss your child’s/children’s progress so far, how they managed the remote learning phase as well as areas for future learning and improvement. Bookings via Compass will be available on the first day of next term and you will be sent an alert when this is live online.

Please note that Friday, July 31 will be a student free day.

Basketball Court Redevelopment

As part of the Department’s Planned Maintenance Program, work on the redevelopment of the external basketball courts is commencing next Monday. Work to be carried out will include; repairing the current surface so that it is level and free of cracks and potholes, repairs to edging and the spoon drain and the final laying of a new artificial surface. This upgrade will provide the students and teachers with a safe and versatile playing surface that will be free of the current tripping hazards such as pot holes and uneven surfacing. The artificial surface will match the tiger turf in terms of colour and line markings. The work is expected to take 3 weeks so there should be minimal disruption to this play space.

Junior Toilet Upgrade 

School council recently gave approval for the use of $150 000 of school funds to assist in the upgrade of the junior toilet facilities. This money is to be combined with an additional $87,000 that has accumulated in the Building Fund from voluntary contributions. The upgrade of these facilities is long overdue as both the Boys and Girls toilets are in poor condition. We are currently investigating design options that would fit into our budget constraints. A submission is also being finalised for the Department’s 2020 Minor Capital Works Fund, that if successful, would assist in the overall cost and gives us more flexibility with design options and the final product.

COVID-19 Restrictions   

With the recent spike in Victoria of COVID-19 cases, the current restrictions in relation to school access will remain in place until further notice. Only staff and students will be allowed on site as per the current procedures. Larger gatherings, such as assemblies, are also not possible at this stage.

End Term 2

School finishes at 2:30pm this Friday. In-line with our current staggered exit time procedures, the Prep-2 students will be dismissed 5 minutes earlier at 2:25pm, with the Year 3-6 students exiting at 2:30pm.

Andrew Searle