Principal's Report December 14

Happy Holidays - End of Year 2020 

Junior Toilet Refurbishment

The contract for the refurbishment project was signed last week with the School Council approved contractor. They are taking possession of the site this Friday to commence work immediately. The plan is for the scope of work to be completed by the end of February, 2021, which will ensure minimal disruption to school life when students return next year.

Year 6 Graduation

The Year 6 students, along with their families and teachers, celebrate their graduation tomorrow afternoon. Though it’s not possible to hold a normal ceremony this year, the students will I’m sure enjoy all aspects of the event that the teachers and parent members of the graduation committee have planned and organised. This year the official ceremony will be held in the stadium from 5pm with the students and respective teacher being present. This part of the celebration will include speeches and the presentation of certificates. This will be live streamed so that parents and families can enjoy this part of the celebration. The students will then adjourn to the hall to enjoy the dinner together. This year’s dinner will be individual food boxes for each student containing a burger, chips and pizza. The graduation committee has once again done an outstanding job in the organisation of the event. They have worked tirelessly to ensure that the students have a memorable time. This has included organising the food along with decorating the hall for the dinner. The decorations look incredible and will be a wonderful surprise for the students when they get to see them. Sincere thanks to the committee that was led so efficiently by Liddell Dawes and included, Jacqui Boston Carolyn Camm, Sue Crooks, Kathryn D’Alessandro, Therese Durbridge, Smitha Kapitan, Karol Keefe and Nicole Walker.

Meet The Teacher

The students will meet their teacher and classmates for 2021 this Thursday. They will spend time together in their new classroom from 12:00 – 12:50. The teachers have spent many, many hours formulating the classes for next year ensuring that the needs of all students are taken into consideration. Prior to this Thursday, I suggest that you spend some time talking to your child/children about this transition phase and the positive aspects of having a new teacher and a new combination of classmates next year. This can be an anxious time for some students and being able to talk positively about this phase can be very reassuring for your child/children.

2021 Student Leaders

Congratulations to the 2020 Year 5 students who have been selected for leadership roles in 2021. This is a credit to them all and recognition of the leadership qualities that their peers and teachers recognise in them. I would also like to congratulate every student who prepared and made a speech for the respective roles. They all did an outstanding job with their speech writing and showed great confidence when speaking at the microphone.  Thank you to Mrs Eva, Mr Pertz, Miss Wallace and Miss Ginevra for preparing the students so thoroughly for this process. The list of all 2021 leaders is attached below for your information.

Farewell Families

We farewell many families at the end of each year and this year is no exception. I would like to wish all families leaving the Greythorn community all the best and thank you for your dedication and commitment to the school. Many have had a long association with GPS and it’s always sad to say farewell. I would like to thank and acknowledge some parents in particular who are leaving the school this week. These include, Carolyn Camm and Liddell Dawes who have both been stalwarts of the PFA for many, many years. Carolyn and Liddell have worked tirelessly for the school with PFA fundraising and social events and I thank them sincerely for this. I would also like to thank and acknowledge Karol Keefe and Kathryn D’Alessandro. Both Karol and Kathryn have been long-term members of School Council. Kathryn has represented the PFA on council and has also been a stalwart in assisting with the organisation of fundraising and social events for many years. As a member of council, Karol was an integral part of the team that prepared and wrote the submission in 2018 that was successful in securing the funds for the tiger turf redevelopment project. I wish them all well in their future endeavours and they will be missed.


This year’s edition of Readabout will be distributed later this week. Congratulations to Sijia H (604) whose design was selected for the front cover. Sijia’s design reflects the challenges of 2020. Congratulations also to Kirsten J (604) and Stella D (605) whose designs were selected to be printed on the back cover. Thank you to Miss Latorre and Mrs Joyce for overseeing the huge task of formatting and preparing the layout for publication.  

Holiday Work  

Apart from the toilet refurbishment work, several other projects are being carried out during the Christmas break. All the work will be completed prior to the students returning. The projects include:

  • repairs to carpets in the junior building
  • reroofing the covered walkway adjacent to the middle building
  • replacing the current fluorescent lighting throughout the school with LED lighting

End Term 4

A reminder that the students are dismissed at 1:30pm this Friday.

Term 1 2021

The 2021 school year commences on Wednesday, January 27. The first two days of the term (January 27 & 28) will be curriculum days, therefore the students do not commence until Friday, January 29.

Merry Christmas

2020 has certainly been a year that has tested us all. As we near the end I would like to thank you all again for your wonderful support and commitment throughout this challenging time. The teachers and students would not have been able to navigate the remote learning phases so successfully without your ongoing hard work and dedication during the lockdown restrictions. Our motto of Working Together was exemplified every day throughout the year and I thank you for this.

I wish you all a well-deserved break and hope that you enjoy the festive season with family and friends.   

Student Leaders 2021
Student House Captains 2021

Andrew Searle