Message from our School Council President

This year has dealt us with many challenges. Families have had to adapt to remote learning and our lives have changed dramatically with routines changes and isolation have resulted in our children being cut off from their peers, friends, and activities that they love.

Thank you to all the staff who have worked so hard to plan interesting, interactive lessons and videos to assist the students in their remote learning. Maths videos that teach our kids new concepts, Literacy videos that tell them stories, assembly videos that make us all laugh, PE challenges that result in a whole family workout, have all been amazing. All the teachers have also been very responsive in their email replies to queries and feedback to assignments have also been very prompt and encouraging. All the Webex sessions have been very helpful in motivating the students and keeping them connected in these very challenging times. Thank you for adapting so quickly to teaching remotely and being so responsive to the needs of our students. I am sure most parents have a newfound appreciation for all that teachers do. 

Thank you also to Andrew and Duncan for your leadership through this time. Your positive spirit and your can-do attitude have set a good example for the entire community. Thank you for steering us through these difficult times and thank you for all the hours spent improving the physical facilities in the school. I am sure that the parents and students will be very impressed with all the improvements made when they return to school.  

Lastly, thank you to all the office and support staff who have supported all the teachers and students through these times. Staff that have had to adapt and learn new skills to be part of this new way of learning. 

Our family is so proud and thankful to be a part of the Greythorn community. The dedication and commitment of the staff have resulted in a rewarding remote learning experience for our students. 

Thank you once again and take good care and keep safe. I hope to see all of you again soon in Term Four! 

Kindest regards,
Karen Teo