"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way." - Frank Smith

At Greythorn Primary we believe that every child benefits from learning an additional language.


We support the DET guidelines that state:

Languages education opens up career opportunities, and provides a range of benefits, including stimulating brain development, enhancing English literacy skills and encouraging respect and understanding of other cultures.

In French classes, students are encouraged to use French as much as possible for classroom routines, social interactions, structured learning tasks, and language experimentation and practice.


French lessons are delivered in an interactive manner to maximise students’ engagement. We use a wide range of tools and activities to enhance students’ interest in their learning. Music, games, quizzes, drawings, stories, books, ICT, videos and plays are all resources used to encourage students to have a go at listening, speaking and writing French. Gestures and many visual cues are used to enhance learning and understanding.


French lessons are not only about the language but everything in relation to France and its culture.


Here are some amazing work samples from Year 5 and 6 students.

Every year a French Day is organised to celebrate the students’ learning in the French Language and the French Culture. Many activities all related to French take place on the day. Students always have a “superbe” time.

Alliance Française 


Founded in 1890, the Alliance Française de Melbourne is a non-profit association that promotes French language and culture via activities, such as: film festivals, conversation groups and language courses. It is part of a worldwide network of 1,400 Alliance Française locations in 138 countries.


Each year the Alliance Française holds a poetry competition called “The Berthe Mouchette Competition”. This competition is open to Primary and secondary school students. Students must recite a poem learnt off by heart that they choose from a choice of four poems given by Alliance Française.


Students from Years 3 to 6 are encouraged to participate in the competition. We are very supportive of every student entering the competition and we ensure they are ready to recite their poems in due time.


Language and Cultural Activities


Our Cultural Leaders Ellyssa and Winston ensure all nationality backgrounds are recognized at Greythorn Primary and run various activities during the Cultural/Library Club to appreciate Greythorn Cultural diversity.  Ellyssa and Winston are also involved with running French Day and Harmony Day Celebrations. 


Aude JOYCE and Juliette BROWNE

French Teachers

Greythorn Primary School