Performing Arts

Performing Arts program at Greythorn Primary School

Students at Greythorn Primary School attend a weekly Music session offering opportunities for creative self-expression while building skills in musical literacy and confidence in composition and performance. Students learn to play recorder and marimba as well as ukulele, Japanese Taiko drums and a variety of other percussion instruments. Creative dance and folk dance are integral to the program, and drama skills are developed through a variety of theatre games.

The school’s performing ensembles include the Senior Choir who perform in a number of school and community settings, the Recorder and Percussion Ensemble, the Taiko Group, and the school orchestra, the GYPSIES. Instrumental tuition is available after-school. Regular performance opportunities for students include School Concerts, Performances, Arts Festivals and school assemblies.

MARA performance
Instrumental lessons

‘Taiko Drums and Flutes of Japan’ Performance and Taiko Workshop