The Greythorn Primary School library is a magical place that promotes the love of books and the love of reading for enjoyment.

There are over 20,000 resources of fiction, nonfiction, DVDs and audiobooks.

The focus of the library is to ensure students are exposed to a range of literature for their enjoyment and for their learning.

The library plays a vital role in the school as it supports whole-school planning, literacy development and provides resources to support all staff and students.


All students, from Foundation to Year 6 take part in weekly library lessons with a qualified library teacher for a semester.

During these lessons, students are exposed to various texts.They are taught how to select a text for their enjoyment, learning and for informational purposes. All students from F-6 undertake a unit on cyber safety.


Home borrowing is an integral part of the library. Students are encouraged to borrow books based on their interests and level. A maximum of 4 books can be borrowed at any given time, including school holidays.

During the month of August, literature is celebrated in events such as ‘Book Week’ with a ‘Book Week Parade.’ All students and staff dress up as a book character. Incursions involving Australian author visits and theatre shows also take place as well as excursions to the State Library.


The Library Leaders host library club twice a term and several competitions throughout the year.

The library is opened 4 days a week during the first half of lunchtime.

Parents are always welcome to come into the library after school and browse.