Parents' and Friends' Association (PFA)
Any member of the school community can attend PFA meetings, have input into ideas and decisions, and assist at the many events that run throughout the year. You can be involved in any way that suits you, and it is a great way to meet other parents and families. If you have any ideas about social functions or fundraising suggestions, we would love to hear from you at

You can also contact us through your class rep.
Class rep forms and contact lists can be download here:

Class representative and class contact list
Class Rep Guidelines

What is the PFA?
The Parents and Friends Association is an organisation that enables parents to participate in the school community. The PFA is primarily responsible for social events such as morning teas for class parents, restaurant dinners for class parents, movie nights, and so on.

Each class has a parent representative who is the main point of contact between the class teacher and the class parents. The class rep takes responsibility for organising class social events, and providing parent help from amongst the class parents if requested by the teacher or the PFA.

For more information about what class reps do, please click here.

The PFA also assists in fundraising for the school, and in many school-wide events such as the school disco and the annual trivia night.

The PFA meets twice a term. Any interested parent/carer/guardian is welcome to attend. You don’t need to be a class rep!

Watch the website and newsletter for dates of upcoming meetings.

The PFA is one of several sub-committees that report to the school council.

See below for the organisational chart: