Finance sub-committee

Establishes and maintains appropriate financial arrangements regarding school resources. Prepares and oversees the school's annual budget. It consists of the Principal and nominated members of the School Council.


Education sub-committee

The committee consists of parents and teachers and is responsible for making recommendations and developing proposals related to the curriculum, within Government and DET guidelines. Responsible for developing new policies and co-ordinating a cyclical process of policy review.


Canteen sub-committee

This committee oversees the operation of the canteen, and reports and makes recommendations about canteen operations to School Council. Responsible for establishing food policies that reflect the community and health values promoted in the school.


Grounds sub-committee (and facilities hire)

Focuses on coordinating a regular maintenance program and upgrading the physical aspects of the school. Aims to ensure the stadium and hall are used to their greatest potential for curriculum and community use.

Fundraising/Events sub-committee

Responsible for initiating and organising events which promote and enhance the community spirit within the school and where appropriate generate funds for school use.


Parents and Friends Association [P.F.A.]

The aims of the P.F.A. may be simplified as follows:

1. To aid parent/teacher communication

2. To facilitate social contact within the school

3. To support fundraising activities

4. To fulfil a pastoral care role

5. Public Relations

6. To support and promote parent participation at Greythorn.

P.F.A. provides a forum where all parents can participate and develop a shared parent view. The association cooperates closely with the Principal and School Council. All this is achieved in a friendly relaxed atmosphere where parents can gain an understanding of the education system for the benefit of their students, exchange ideas and develop friendships.

The P.F.A. Annual General Meeting and election of Office Bearers takes place in March each year.