At Greythorn Primary School, our approach to teaching Literacy is embedded in evidence-based teaching practice. We explicitly teach phonological awareness through InitialLit and SMART Spelling. Our students are taught the skills they need to read and write but are also encouraged to develop a love of reading and writing through independent reading and writing sessions. Our whole school instructional model ensures students are provided with learning at their individual level through a variety of engaging learning opportunities.


Teachers utilise several assessment strategies to ensure they are catering to student’s needs at a cohort, class, and individual level. Year levels work as teams to analyse assessment data and ensure the teaching and learning is planned accordingly.


Incorporated into our reading sessions are individualised teaching practices including modelled, shared, and guided reading, as well as language experience, reciprocal teaching, and book club circles. Our reading program draws upon a repertoire of practices and resources that allow students, as they engage in reading and viewing activities, to decode texts, gain meaning of texts, use and analyse texts.


During a writing session, our instructional model continues to provide students with a rich and authentic learning experience. Teachers provide opportunities for modelled, shared, and guided writing, individual conferences, and goal setting. Language conventions such as handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation are all taught explicitly through lessons and in small groups and individual conferences.