Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Greythorn Primary School provides students with the opportunity to explore art materials and discover new techniques in which they can be applied. All students experience a weekly 50 minute lesson where they create artworks, learning about art history and culture and are also encouraged to explore their own ideas.


In Foundation to Year Two, the students' primary focus is on exploring a variety of art mediums and developing and improving on a range of techniques. They learn about artists and art movements throughout history and the fundamentals in art elements and principles, all while making real life connections to the world around them.


In Years Three to Six, the students are given more choice to explore their creativity. They learn about the art making process and the Studio Habits of Mind. Through student agency, they are able to direct their artwork in a way that allows them to explore their own ideas, giving their artworks a deeper meaning and expanding their understanding of the art world.


Visual Arts during Remote Learning at Greythorn Primary

As part of remote learning the students participated in a weekly Art lesson where they have been encouraged to think creatively and see that art can be created in all types of ways. Here are some examples: - Painting with Food Dye - Laundry Art -  Sculpting with Salt Dough - Food Art