Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Greythorn Primary School provides students with the opportunity to explore and experiment with a wide range of skills, techniques and process through the use of different mediums such as ceramics, textiles, drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking. All students experience a weekly 60 minute lesson where they create artworks, learning about art history and culture while also encouraged to explore their own ideas.


Students in Foundation to Year 2, are encouraged to explore a variety of art mediums with a focus on the artistic elements of colour, line, shape, value, texture, space and form. Students express their ideas, observations and imaginations, all while making real life connections to the world around them.


In Years 3 to 6, the students are given greater opportunity to explore the art making process and the fundamentals in art elements and principles while expanding their understanding of the art world. They learn about artists and art movements throughout history from a range of places, times, and cultures, including artwork by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.